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October 14, 2017 In case you are considering purchasing a tegu or in the event you now very own 1, it is vital to be aware of The solution to "What can I feed my tegu?" The solution is a balanced, various diet plan of prey, meat, fruit, veggies with acceptable dietary supplements.

Simply because we responsibly present reptiles for sale on-line (along with amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions), we reserve the ideal to delay your order on the reasonably uncommon occurrence of unacceptable weather conditions.

If tegus take in infant alligators, would not it's good for them to get launched into Florida everglades? If Now we have tegus rather than alligators, they would hold the rodents in Check out and never certainly be a menace to men and women....

The regions illuminated from the incandescent basking gentle as well as the UV light-weight must overlap. Should the Argentine Tegu spends Nearly all his time basking underneath the incandescent mild, along with the UV light is at another close on the cage, he's not likely to receive any take advantage of it.


Enclosure measurement is determined by full size of a large lizard, but greater is always improved for this Energetic animal. Tegus are active while in the daytime, roaming their enclosures and digging inside the substrate. A gradient in temperature and light furnished within a effectively sized enclosure, give areas to bask, come across shade, feed, drink, and slumber. The minimum amount size from the enclosure need to be two times the length of your complete human body.

Fish/aquarium and plant ‘develop’ lights, possibly incandescent or fluorescent, do NOT produce UVB. You need a black light which emits gentle from the 290-320 nanometer selection. Lights generating only UVB, and lights which deliver a combination of UVB and white lights are available. ZooMed’s reptile or iguana lights, and Durotest’s Vita-Lite are two great products. These UVB gentle resources must get replaced just about every 6 months.

Existing trends have moved clear of measuring the ambient temperature on the basking region and instead look to your surface area. A number of flood lights at decrease wattage provide a greater and more effective basking zone than just one larger wattage flood. The ambient temperatures of The good facet with the enclosure through the heat months are while in the mid-70’s climbing to significant eighty’s on the most well liked side.

Is there something I regret about obtaining a person of those Animals? I just regret not obtaining a Tegu quicker. I have worked about Tegus Because the mid-nineteen seventies but generally imagined there was One more sort of lizard or snake that would in good shape my relatives better still.

), any of about 7 large, carnivorous, tropical South American lizards with the loved ones Teiidae. The background colour of most species is black. Some have yellow, reddish, or white bands through the back, Whilst Some others have broad strains extending down the body with irregular markings on the best area.

If your home is amazing, will not be surprised If the Tegu goes below your mattress or An additional dim location to curl up. It's a smart idea to maintain a protracted leash on him or her so that you could see in which he is hiding.

You might request an alternate transport working day. Please e-mail us at albinoturtles@comcast.Internet to allow us to know very well what working day functions in your case.

I love my new argentine black and white tegu. When he arrived, he was very quiet and able to be my new very little buddy.

Will they tolerate each other? Certain, considering the fact that loads of read more cats will get rid of their prey drive all-around animals while in the loved ones. Friends? I question it. Tegus disregard a lot but are probably not "buddies" with most other Animals.

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